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Wera 2069/6 Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications

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High quality Wera Micro nutsetter set for precision mechanical work. Rapid twisting is possible by fixing the hand on the twist cap and using the fast-turning zone just below it. This makes time-consuming grip adjustments unnecessary. Power zone with integrated soft zones ensure the transfer of higher tightening and loosening torque. Precision zone for the right angle for adjustment work. Includes practical rack for tidy storage of the screwdrivers.

The refined screwdriver for electronics technicians

The Kraftform Micro, with its three zones and their specific arrangement, satisfies these requirements perfectly. The free-turning cap that provides support for the hand works with these advantages, enabling quick and easy precision work.


Indispensable for many users, including electronics technicians, opticians, precision engineers, jewellers, EDP hardware fitters and model-makers.
  • Kraftform Micro nutsetter set for hex head screws
  • Multi-component Kraftform Micro handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving
  • Anti-roll feature and swivel cap for rapid twisting
  • The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection
  • E.g. for electricians, opticians, precision mechanics, jewellers or IT hardware fitters
Screwdriving jobs in electrical and precision engineering applications are often tedious and time-consuming. We learned from users what is important for them: working speeds, torque, precision – and we then focused particularly on these issues.

Kraftform Micro Handle

Multi-component screwdriver handle for ergonomic working.

The precision zone

The precision zone directly above the blade gives the user a better feel for the right rotation angle during fine adjustment work.

The power zone

The power zone has integrated soft zones near the blade tip to ensure high torque transfer for loosening or tightening screws without losing contact with the screw.

The fast-turning zone

The fast-turning zone just below the rotating cap allows rapid twisting.

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" Wera 2069/6 Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications "

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