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Wera Bits Assortment With Ball End Bits

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Pouch with 89-mm long ballpoint bits, which enable a swivelling or pivoting of the tool axis. Includes 816 R Kraftform holder with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck and multi-component Kraftform handle for low-fatigue working. Hard gripping zones for high working speeds whereas soft zones ensure high torque transfer. Suitable for manual and power tool operations; 17-piece.

Rapid-in and self-lock

The bit can be pushed into the adaptor without moving the sleeve. The lock is activated automatically as soon as the bit is applied to the screw. Bits are held securely and wobble-free.


Simply push the sleeve forward to change the bit. The spring mechanism lifts the bit off the magnet and unlocks the tool. The bit can be easily removed. The rapid-out function makes it easy to remove even the smallest bits without extra tools.

Pouch with 89 mm-long bits

Kraftform holder with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck

Rapidaptor quick-release chuck allows rapid bit change

Tough viscous bits for universal use

Ballpoint bits allow a swivelling of the tool axis

Why is the right tool so often not at hand? The reason: too many tools and overly-heavy tool bags can make it bothersome to carry them onsite. So for us it was a clear challenge: to design a tool that is suitable for a whole host of applications and can be easily taken along to jobs at other sites. Our solution: Kraftform Kompakt tools. A handle into which blades with a range of different profiles can be inserted. Compactly and protectively housed in a light and robust textile pouch or plastic box.

For fixed workplace locations and external sites

Frequently, users have to work with their tools at a fixed workplace location as well as at external sites. Just as frequently, it is only on site that a decision is taken as to whether to work manually or with a power tool. The Kraftform Kompakt tool sets equip the user for both types of operation with just single set. Additionally, the sets are kept in belt pouches or plastic cases. This keeps them secure and clean and means that they are clearly arranged for easy tool selection, something that is very practical when they are to be used or transported.

Handle/interchangeable blade system

The handle/interchangeable blade system allows rapid exchange of the blades required for a wide range of applications.

Manual and power tool operations

The sets come with a Kraftform handle, quick-release chuck and bits for manual and power tool operations.

Ball tip

The spherical drive profile means that it is possible to swivel the axis of the tool to that of the screw, and therefore enable angled, “around-the-corner” screwdriving jobs.


The Rapidaptor quick-release chucks hold ¼" DIN ISO 1173-C 6,3 and E 6,3 as well as Wera series 1 and 4 bits.

05059294001 1 816 R

1 x 1/4"x119

851/4 Z PH

1 x PH 1x89

1 x PH 2x89

1 x PH 3x89

855/4 Z PZ

1 x PZ 1x89

1 x PZ 2x89

1 x PZ 3x89

867/4 KK

1 x TX 10x89

1 x TX 15x89

1 x TX 20x89

1 x TX 25x89

1 x TX 30x89

1 x TX 40x89


1 x 3.0x89

1 x 4.0x89

1 x 5.0x89

1 x 6.0x89

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" Wera Bits Assortment With Ball End Bits "

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